Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let's Turn Our Back On 2008

Think about it, 2008 had its good times(Giants, Olympics...well, that's about it) and its bad times. We can easily focus on the collapse of the US Economy, the rise and fall of oil prices/gas prices/Russian hookers prices but I want to stay upbeat. We could talk about A-Rod/Madge, Palin/Obama, Budweiser selling out, Miley Cyrus's soft kiddy porn, killer hurricanes, crippling floods, ravaging Cali blazes, Pakistan/India, Palestine/Israel, potential nuclear fall out, Patrick DALTON Swayze getting cancer, Loss of Heath, Paul Butch Newman, Russert, Issac Purple Hayes along with loved ones...but who wants to do that. Let's go ahead and stick with what we do best...Smiling, Suddin, and Slaying. Crack a Sud tonight, tomorrow night, both nights and swallow all the bitterness of 08...HERE IS TO FEELIN FINE IN OH NINE.

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