Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jail for killer driver In 120mph sex act (photo not actual driver)

Monday, 8 December 2008
A drunk driver who killed a father and son was masturbating at the wheel moments before the fatal crash, a court heard today.
Imran Hussain's powerful Audi Q7 was like a "speeding bullet" moments before it ploughed into the back of a Fiat Punto carrying Gary Proctor, 47, his wife Catherine, 44, and their 16-year-old son James.
Mr Proctor and James died in the collision on the M62 motorway near Rochdale, Greater Manchester, on August 3 last year.
Hussain, 32, of Como Avenue, Bradford, West Yorkshire, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by dangerous driving and one count of driving with excess alcohol.
Manchester Crown Court heard that Hussain's penis was partially exposed when motorists came to his aid after the crash.
Judge Andrew Blake told him: "At the least it must have been a symptom you were not giving your full attention to driving."
Prosecutor Andrew Nuttall said Hussain, a car dealer and father-of-four, was twice over the legal limit.
He said: "A cloud of debris burst into the air and the Q7 car spun off to the left, through the barrier, smashing 15 yards of metal structure before smashing into a street lamp and coming to rest behind the barrier."
Mr Downard and his two friends went to the aid of the defendant, and saw that his semi-erect penis was out of his trousers.
He attempted to run away and hurled abuse at them, including making threats to kill them.
Police examined his mobile phone and discovered that he had called directory inquiries to request the number of an escort agency around 30 minutes before the crash.
Mr Nuttall said he called the agency - which provides female escorts on an hourly basis - but it was closed.
He said: "His attempts to contact the agency and the finding of him with an erect penis out of his trousers indicates that he was sexually excited and clearly handling his penis whilst he was driving and at the time of the collision."
"Hussain appeared to be on a mission to act as recklessly as possible that night, clearly holding absolutely no regard for anyone else's safety.
"Not only had he got behind the wheel of his car when drunk, but he had driven so dangerously it is actually a wonder that he did not ruin anyone else's life that day."
Mr Nuttall said outside the court that he would consider appealing over the sentence.

Since I know that the only thing shorter than our reader's dicks is their attention span - here's the summary. Guy fights with wife, goes to strip bar, gets drunk, gets into a car, calls escort service - they are closed. He takes matters into his "own hands" at 120 MPH and kills two people - in a turn of perverse justice he is prosecuted by a man named Nutall.

Ok. It's really sad that two people were killed in this story, but I had to giggle every time there was a quote from prosecutor Nuttall. I mean you couldn't put someone else on the case of the drunk guy snappin' it at the wheel? You see the irony there - right? His name is Nuttall and all this guy was doing was doing was trying to bust a nut and as fate, that dog, would have it, he ended up in jail.

The other thing that is amazing is that the guy is drunk as a monkey, he hits another car at 120 MPH and he still gets out of the car with with half stalk. This dude has the root of the Terminator. I mean seriously, if I ever hit something at 120 MPH I will piss my pants and curl up into the fetal position until my Mom gets there. This guy comes out of wreckage lead by the one eyed warrior. Unreal.

Side note: I don't know what kind of Superbad penis thing I have going on lately, but I know one thing - You can't fight the Blog. I mean I am just doing the good Lord's work. And yeah the picture has nothing to do with the story. I learned that in the Bobby J school O' bloggin'. God bless.

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