Friday, December 5, 2008

Sleigh Fest or Slay Fest?

I am heading up to Nantucket for this winter bash called, The Stroll. Anyhow, you can bury if you want...but as far as I am concerned, if you take cold weather, insert hot toddy's(spicy warm cocktail), cobble stone streets, a few horses, a grillion hot chicks, some good dudes day bombing, Christmas cheer and a carol or two, well, you got yourself a nice little gig. For instance..Saturday will look like this...wake up, grab a bloody and some breakfast at Ctr St Bistro or Black Eyed Susan's. Head over to Club Car, grab 8 Hot Toddy's, pass em out to as many cute girls as I can walking by, watch Santa cruise in on boat, up Main St on horse, get nostalgic, wave in as many Toddy's as I can, Sip some Suds, Gator/Bama game at 4 and try to make it past 10pm. Am I crazy, or is that just good ole fashioned American fun? Oh, and if you don't think I will be rockin a sweet yurddleneck, you are out of your mind. Turtlenecks are about as under rated as hotel sex. Have a great weekend,whatever your plans may be. God Bless...Keep Sippin.

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