Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Times Were Tough, Women Were Real

This country has seen its ups and down over the last hundred years or so...but we have always gotten through it with hard work, some dirt under the finger nails and a couple suds. But we have lost our way...I wish I could go back to a time when there was No Britney Spears, No Plaxico Burris, No Starbucks, No slain WalMart employee's(family got $36mil, fast pay makes fast friends), Not as many Fat ass kids, Not as many video games keeping those fatties in their dark basements. When Vegas was hot, cars were fast and women were real(most of em, anyway). The hard times are here, so lets get dirty again. Focus on whats important. Here's to real women...who aren't afraid to Sip a Sud, smoke a cig, work hard, live life to the fullest and appreciate a good man. Keep Sippin ladies.Puppies, Suds and Popcorn...seems pretty simple.

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