Monday, December 22, 2008

Can't See The Lines Can You Russ...RUSS?

So we all know some of the beauties on TNT, TBS etc each Christmas season, 24 hours of non stop Ralphy boy(Christmas Story), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation pulling its own weight, It's a Wonderful Life. Throw some Charlie Browns Christmas with a dash of Rudolph, Emmett Otter Jug Band Christmas, Yukon Cornelius and Frosty and I am the happiest young adult you have ever met. Now, with all that said, why is it, the younger generation has been subjected to some of THE worst Christmas movies ever created. Bad Santa...more like, Brutal 2 hours. Fred Claus...WTF was that? The Santa Clause 1,2,3...I'm sorry, but the only snow that Tim the Toolman Taylor has embraced was that rail he just ripped in front of his elf sized prostitute. Christmas with the Kranks...Insert Tim Allen once again, remove blow and add cyanide. If you are a younger Sudder, do me a the first list, burn the second.

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