Monday, December 15, 2008

A hunter is born.

That right folks - I went hunting this weekend for the first time. The highlights. Drinking Beam and wearing a full body Carhart suit that was made for someone 40lbs lighter. The scariest part... when the hunter we didn't know was moving a decoy and asked if "anyone had a little hammer"? I said "yeah I do" and I unzipped my pants "but i don't think that's gonna help."

Hunting rule #4 - don't pull your hammer out in the duck blind. Who knew?


BobbyJenx said...

I am honestly amaziwed with this pic. Like, how in the name of God does this pic happen and when it does, what nature is it taken in? Eitherway, she is pretty hot, and has a shotgun...still lost, but somehow found.

Anonymous said...

epic. you guys rule.