Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, From Bobby J

Twas the night Before Christmas and all thru the house
Young Bobby was sleeping, in his blanket tent house
He woke with the pain of a boozy booze tinkle
And that’s when he heard a strange noise, like a jingle
He walked down the stairs to see what is was
Rubbing his eyes still feeling the buzz
He looked with disbelief, with shock and with awe
It was a young lil Snapper, in panties, No Bra
The bells on her ankles, clinked and they clanked
And Sounded like angels as she begged to be spanked
Bobby just smiled, for what he saw and was hearing
So he brought her up stairs to try on her Ankle Bone Earrings
They boned, and they sweat, and the rocked that ole bed
For those bells on her ankles still ring in his head
So here’s Christmas Eve, the night of all nights
Stay awake for a jingle, but remember…she bites.
MERRY CHRISTMAS My Friends, My Family, My Buds
Give your loved ones a Hug, A Kiss and some SUDS.

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