Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Amendment to my earlier post.

A 109-year-old woman, who claimed that never having sex was the secret to her long life, died last week in Norway, Agence France-Presse reported Tuesday.

Gunda Harangen, believed to be Norway's oldest woman, died Nov. 25, her nephew told the newspaper Laagendalsposten in southeastern Norway.

Harangen was born Dec. 28, 1898 and was the oldest of seven children.

In a 2006 interview, she attributed her longevity to being a life-long virgin and drinking one glass of cognac every day.

OK, so I guess that every piece of earth has not been pissed on. But this article is not convincing, I mean "she claimed" is a big red flag. I know for a fact that women divide by 3 when asked about number of partners and my penis size - true fact.

And this chic was 109... I am guessing that she is about as sharp as a bowling ball (Foghorn Leghorn quote). I mean at 109 she could bang 9 dudes in the kitchen and be so out of it that she is call her own name (which by the way that is not a bad thing - next time you are in that special place - scream SWEET DICK MACKIE at the top of you lungs - it is like Colt 45 - "works everytime").

Finally, my hit rate when I get a chica to drink cognac is 101%. Yes 101% - 0ne time I changed my mind and she took a little SDM anyway.

So maybe Gunda never brought the thunda, but I'd like to think that's only because I never got enough suds in her. Thanks to Dani and Todd for the look.

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