Friday, December 5, 2008

Government forced breast reductions?!?

Six years ago, a Swedish woman named Jessica Andersson injured her neck in a car accident. Since then, she has received 7700 kronor ($934) in disability payments each month from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Last week, however, she was told there would be no more payments after a doctor ruled she could reduce her pain and return to work by having breast reduction surgery, reports Swedish newspaper The Local.

Andersson argues that "my breasts have been large since I got them. But I didn't have any problems with pain before the car accident... the injury would still be there after an operation." She believes the ruling is more of a social and political judgment than a medical opinion.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency, however, has stated that the testimony of Andersson's doctor means that Andersson's injuries no longer count as work-related because she chooses not to have breast reduction surgery.

Andersson previously appealed a doctor's diagnosis of her psychiatric problems and is considering appealing this decision as well.

You know the Clinton are back in office when the government is trying to handle your breast implants!!! Whhooaaa! Hey. thank you very much - I'll be here all week and next Tuesday I'll be at Chuckle's Comedy Barn, don't forget to tip your waitress.

Sadly, there was no picture with this story, but I feel pretty confident in saying that I think we found the future Ex Mrs. Sweet Dick Mackie. Let's list the stats... Swedish, ample bust and insane. Pretty much my dream gal.

Seriously, I was on her side until i read that she had psychiatric problems and the only person scarier than someone with psychiatric problems is someone that crazy enough to appeal psychiatric problems. I am guessing she used the insanity defense.

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