Friday, December 5, 2008

AP Woman swept to sea during proposal on Oregon coast

NESKOWIN, Ore. – A romantic marriage proposal on the Oregon coast turned deadly for the bride-to-be when a wave swept her out to sea. Scott Napper had taken 22-year-old Leafil Alforque to Proposal Rock near Neskowin Beach to pop the question at a place that got its name from couples ready to marry. Napper and Alforque had been dating since they met on the Internet in 2005.

But Alforque had arrived in Oregon on a visa from the Philippines just three days before the fateful trip to the coast.

Napper said the tide had receded around Proposal Rock on Saturday when the couple began to walk to it. He planned to propose and give her the ring he carried in his pocket.

About 10 feet from the rock, a wave about 3 feet high suddenly came toward them.

"I turned into it to keep from getting pulled under it," Napper said.

"She was about 30 feet away, getting swept away," Napper said.

The 45-year-old Silverton man tore off his jacket to get rid of any extra weight, and when he looked up again she was gone.

Police don't suspect foul play, he said.

OK. Let's put the facts together here. He is 45. She is 22. They have been dating for 3 years, they met on the internet and she is from the Philippines. She is in the country for 3 days and gets swept out to sea by a rogue wave and Police don't suspect foul play. I mean seriously. Do they need video of him tossing this 90 lb chic off the rock to investigate?

This is just a guess, but I would bet this dude is a big Michael Jackson fan and the Beta Max version of every Woody Allen movie ever made and it doesn't say this in the article, but he's a "Van Guy".

There are a couple of logical things that could have happened here.

This dude was sending her pictures of himself from 20 years ago - and when she finally met him and realized that he was some creepy old dude she took a page out of Sleeping with the Enemy.

Or God just hates this dude. I mean he finally gets some trim - ships it all the from the Philippines and BAM! God cock blocks him. That's a bitch. Now he has to go back to Mom's basement and start his internet search all over again. Well I feel for ya brother - we've all been there.

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