Friday, December 12, 2008

Romance spoiled...

When the Binney Drive resident returned from work Wednesday night, he noticed something that could be considered unusual -- a 28-year-old woman drinking beer on his roof.
By Will Greenlee |
7:29 AM EST, December 12, 2008
He reportedly told Amber D. Smith, of the 700 block of North Indian River Drive, several times to get down from the roof and leave, but she "objected and refused to do so," according to a recently released police report.
Police were dispatched about 9:15 p.m. to a "drunk pedestrian on the roof" and arriving officers heard the man twice tell Smith to leave. Smith reportedly said she'd leave if the 37-year-old man gave her more beer, police reported.
Smith faces a disorderly intoxication charge.
In January, Smith was "placed under a Marchman Act (alcohol problem) due to being unable to take care of herself due to her state of intoxication," a police report states.
In October, Smith was suspected of stealing money from her sister to buy alcohol, according to a police report. Last week, an officer went to her apartment on a disturbance report, according to a police report, and the officer reported Smith was intoxicated and wouldn't "quiet down."

Sounds like "little squaw like'em fire water". I don't understand what is wrong with the guy that called the cops. I mean, you come home and there's a chic on your roof drinking beer and all she wants is more beer... I call 411 and get the nearest beer delivery service - not 911. I mean isn't this how every Florida love story starts? Girl is drunk on roof from a 3 day "Girls Gone Wild" bender - guy comes home from pool clean job - see girl - fluffs mullet and bang - 10 beers - 15 mins later they are parents. Thanks to my Johnson for the look.

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brian cilento said...

bigger problem is that the only way i could tell the chicks from dudes in that pic is because of the tuxes