Friday, December 5, 2008

You gotta love a Friday Teacher sex scandal....

Matawan, New Jersey (The Weekly Vice) -- Lisa Glide, a 35-year-old drama teacher at Old Bridge High School in Matawan, New Jersey has been arrested on charges that she had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

According to Middlesex County Prosecutors, an investigation was launched on November 25 after authorities received information alleging that Glide became sexually involved with a student in February, while he was 17-years-old.

Authorities arrested Glide on Wednesday on multiple felony charges including 2nd-degree sexual assault and 2nd-degree child endangerment.

Investigators say the sexual activity began in February while the boy was still a student at the school. He graduated from the high school in June.

Glide, who resides in Howell Township was booked into the Middlesex County Adult Correction Center. Bail has not yet been established in the case.

I guess the kid she was bangin' was in a bunch of plays that she was in charge of as Drama Teacher. Man, isn't that always the case - the Drama guys get all the trim. I mean I was in some shower snappin' dude in ass with towels after football practice and Drama guy is hangout with some hottie in her sexual prime and wardrobe full of costumes.

I think we are looking at text book case of sexism here. I mean young chics sleep their way to the top in Hollywood all the time. I mean it is Hollywood 101. 50 year old dude auditions young chippie. She gets topless, two pumps and a whiskey burp later she's a star. Why should it be any different if the women is putting the guy on the casting couch?

This kid is my new idol - I mean he has it all. A high school degree and hot girlfriend in prison. Man some guys have all the luck.

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Anonymous said...

and her name is Glide man! C'mon!